Italboats - The choice of the locals!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

After spending 3 weeks in Italy for my honeymoon. I am back and getting into the swing of work again, which as we all know, isn't easy. We found Italy to be an absolutely amazing place, especially it's beautiful waterways. Kate and I couldn't believe the amount of Gommoni's (Italian word for rafts / inflatable boat) driving around. They were everywhere! We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of Italboats used as hire boats. If you have travelled to places like Sorrento, Positano,

Sardinia or Ischia, you would have seen them too. They are named by their model - Predator instead of the manufacturer - Italboats. I spoke to the locals asking, "what's the reason for using Predators over the competition?" The answer "Tough, reliable, affordable and dry riding for passengers!" We got the chance to hire a 6.5m Italboats for the day, thanks to a few local friends and went island hoping, snorkelling, sun baking and finally stopping for a very late and long lunch at the best restaurant in Ischia (Le Fumarole Da Nicola). As we rushed back to the port to get the last ferry out of Ischia, the wind had picked up. Now, the true test for the boat. Even with minimal horsepower (only 100hp) the boat performed fantastically and proved to me why they are so popular in Italy and the UK, they are just so versatile! Here are some photos of the trip and ribs doing what they do best.

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