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The Full Story

Marine Co is a company with a passion for boating, with the drive to be different from the competition. We provide our customers with an experience, not just a sale! We provide great customer service and with over 12 years of experience in the marine game, our focus is on how best to match a boat with our customer’s needs.​


We are here to help you find your dream boat, by lining up, only the best new and used boats in the market.


We are proud to be the distributor of Italboats for Australia and New Zealand. Italboats are a luxury Italian rigid inflatable brand that build their boats to last and are backed by excellent warranties to support that. Built in Italy for over 32 years, this company has proven itself time and time again in Europe and we are proud to now offer them in Australia and New Zealand. These amazing vessels range from 2.2m tenders to 13m luxury cabin boats. If you are chasing a luxurious inflatable that rides as well as it looks, then this is the brand for you. 

AB Inflatables, a rigid inflatable boat brand that needs no introduction. They have been building boats for over 40 years and have a huge range of boats to suit almost every application. They, like Italboats, only use the best materials and fittings and provide industry leading warranties to match. 


Aurora - Another inflatable boat brand, supplying everything from small roll up to large rigid inflatables. Aurora has revolutionised the inflatable boat industry, by using a thermo welding process of their PVC boats. This process provides superior strength and longevity to other boat building methods. European made quality!

We provide our customers with consignment and on water brokerage opportunities, helping you turn over your old boats with no fuss.

Stingher & Predator Brochure 2009-2.jpg


Premium rigid inflatables is our specialty and our mission is to make them front of mind, when considering a new boat. 



To provide Australian's with the best rigid inflatables that the world has to offer. Our range includes Italboats, AB Inflatables and Aurora. We endeavour to leave our customers with the experience that they proudly share.  





Meet Michael and Ben, the original founders of Marine Co back in 2018. Their passion for boating is unmatched, with over 12 years experience, they have the drive to find you your dream boat. They go well beyond the sale, get in touch with them today. 

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